Innovation and Service

« At Aria, R&D and technical support are part of our DNA.  Each day, we strive to develop new products and provide the best possible customer service. »

Research & Development

Since its inception, Aria has built a very solid reputation by devoting a tremendous amount of human and financial capital to research and development. Our hard work has resulted in the discovery of a large number of customized solutions for complex situations that our customers have encountered over time. The company has made several breakthroughs in the UV inks industry. Our clients do not consider us as a mere supplier but rather as a day-to-day partner helping solving challenges and developing complex applications. We strive to develop customized products meeting our customers’ specific requirements.

Technical Support

Aria’s experienced team is making every effort to provide the best possible technical support and service. We always have been very responsive in helping our customers facing challenges such as a changing environment or production process. Aria's success comes in part from the incomparable level of service it has provided to its clients including national accounts with very demanding needs.

Quality Control

Each batch we manufacture is carefully scrutinized to ensure that quality parameters are tested in accordance with our standardized specifications. However, quality does not end here.  Because the vast majority of our orders are uniquely customized, each batch goes through a final quality inspection before it is shipped.

Color Management

Aria has developed a system for managing color by utilizing spectrophotometer technology to ensure each color is satisfactory to our customers. Our color match experts have many years of experience and possess excellent color discrimination.