Our Latest Testimonials

« It’s so much nicer when someone else says great things about you. Below are excerpts of what customers have to say about our company. »

Distribuidora Graficolor S.A. de C.V., Mexico

« We are a distributor of graphic arts in Mexico and we have been distributing Aria’s inks for more than a decade now. We are very satisfied with the quality and versatility of Aria’s products. Our clients are sophisticated industry players with the highest quality standards. Although we are located thousands of kilometers apart, Aria has always been very responsive in solving technical problems and the level of service is sensational. »

Ramon De La Torre
General Manager

Middleton Group, Toronto

« Middleton has been using Aria inks for many years and we are satisfied with their products. »

Al Asnard
Ink/Colour Technician

Mirazed, Montréal

« Our relationship with Aria goes way beyond a typical client-supplier relationship; Aria helped us enter new markets and solve complex technical issues while providing high quality products. Level of service is impeccable. Aria’s team also helped us reduce our ink inventory significantly with a just in time procurement approach. »

Marc Bilodeau
Department Head, R&D

Quantum Productions, Québec

« Quantum has been relying on Aria’s products for many years now. They have helped us finding solutions to print high volume quality jobs with specific requirements for outdoor applications. They have distinguished themselves for the quality of their products and the level of service. »

Claude Paradis

Clarke Productions, Toronto

« Over the past 10 years, Aria has been a provider of UV inks to Clarke. We trust the quality of their products. »

Ryan Forrester
Ink/Colour Technician